Well, we received a few cool poems written by our NextGen tennis players and Special Olympics athletes. We realized writing poems isn’t really tennis players’ favorite thing to do, so we want to ‘give a big round of applause’ to the players who found courage to express their emotions and write a poem about the fun and challenging sport of our life.…

Jay Choi is our Special Olympics winner. Congratulations Jay!
He writes:

Title: The Perfect Match

A fuzzy-yellow ball
top spins, drop shots, trick shots, slicing, lobs,
volleys and complex foot works
Positive mind-sets
Perfect hands and eye coordinations
Playing with rhythms during ralley
Always outsmart your opponent
Constantly moving and hitting with accuracy
Collect one point at a time
Relax your body
Reset after losing a deuce
Never fall down too early
Never give up
Always enjoy the moments
Always play the spirit of the sport

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No. 2 is how to get people to keep playing
No. 3 is trying to improve the level of social players so they remain players for life.”

Our Hall of Famer, Louie Cap completed his 48th consecutive Boston Marathon, and has started to train for 2024. This achievement is as good as winning a grand slam. Wow! Congratulations, Louie! You’re such an inspiration to everyone.

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PTR Italy awards seven Dennis Van Der Meer Educational Scholarships:

“The first scholarships allocated by the PTR Foundation were awarded to the young tennis players of the PTR Next Gen Coach – VDM Educational Scholarship project who were able to benefit from it to participate in their first certification course with PTR.

Thanks to the intervention of the PTRF, access to the training course was facilitated for Sofia, Nicolò, Riccardo, Tommaso, Giacomo, and Niccolò who started their journey in the world of teaching with the course organized by PTR Italia “Tennis 10 & Under”.

The manager of the PTR Next Gen Coach Italia project, Carlo Alberto Massaro and the young teachers thank the PTRF for the opportunity given and are committed to giving their best to continue the growth path trying, thanks to their young age, to bring freshness and novelty to the teaching sector.

Finally, we underline that they have all brilliantly passed the international certification tests, presenting themselves at their best in the world of work and keeping the name of the PTR Foundation high.”

Carlo Alberto Massaro
PTR Italy Exec Director