Grant Recipients

Proud to support the communities led by incredible individuals

January 2024
Future Champions Foundation

Awarded $2500 to pay the tennis coaches for 2023 – 2024 academic year. Tennis coaches engage cheerfully with both boys and girls. This has been their biggest challenge in recruiting local / regional staff to teach, coach, cook etc at EPP Bognari, as they are in an area where girls aren’t afforded the opportunity to do much other than domestic chores. The Kindergarten classroom is named after Dennis Van der Meer.

February 2024
MV Washington – Celebrate Black History Month

Awarded $800 to celebrate Black History Month with children from MVW Foundation. MWYF provides high-quality programming that empowers their program students to succeed in school and beyond. During the school year, MWYF offers students help with academics, gets them active through tennis and recreation, provides activities that promote positive life skills and develops future leaders. They provide alternatives to negative behaviors and break cycles of violence, incarceration and poverty that are found in the community they serve.

March 2024
Youth for Tennis Liberia

We are the first foundation to award $2000 plus $2000 worth basic equipment like rackets, shoes, balls, and clothing. Liberia is a country in West Africa with abundant natural resources and a resilient population, however, with 52% of the population living on less than $1.90 a day, it has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. This is due in large part to two civil wars which decimated the economy and claimed the lives of nearly 10% of the population. Liberia is rebuilding and recovering from the war with the potential to become a vibrant economy. Liberian youth today are being raised by parents and/or extended family who experienced the war. Extracurricular activities, including regular training for sports such as tennis can provide children with a fun and constructive outlet where they learn important skills including discipline, good sportsmanship and how to train one’s body physically. Despite its potential, tennis is not widely practiced in Liberia. Government funding is directed toward soccer and basketball with no funds currently allocated to tennis . No international donors are funding tennis programs. There are about 12 actively practicing tennis coaches in the country and very few tennis courts.

April 2024
Junior Tennis Champions Center

Awarded $2500 for the delivery of 10 weeks of free tennis and academic programming for 25 children at a Prince George’s County school or recreation center in zip code 20784 or 20785, where the median household income is $73,200, compared to a county average of $91,100. The program will provide an opportunity for children to play tennis who otherwise would face financial barriers to being introduced to the sport. Funds will support coach and teacher pay, on-court equipment (mini nets, dots, lines, cones, etc.), and classroom supplies (notebooks, pens, scissors, etc.).

April 2024
PATA (Piedmont Area Tennis Association)

The PTR Foundation board has decided to donate $5000 to Piedmont Area Tennis Association Wheelchair programming, summer camps for Wheelchair athletes and to host USTA Level 3 and 4 Wheelchair tournaments. PATA mission is well aligned with PTRF – making tennis available to everyone regardless of age, gender, and physical and cognitive level. We wish PATA a successful 2024 season.

April 2024
Panda Foundation

PTR Foundation donates $5000 to the Panda Foundation for tennis programs!

We applaud Bob Davis and his team’s tireless and dedicated work and all the kids’ lives they have positively influenced through Panda Foundation tennis programs. PTR Foundation is proud to be part of it.

April 2024
Blind and Low Vision Tennis

The PTR Foundation is proud to work with Samir Mahir, making tennis accessible to visually impaired and low vision athletes.

Samir is passionate about introducing tennis to visually impaired athletes. He was recognized as Volunteer of the Year at the Disability Sport & Recreation Awards, and served as a President at the International Blind Tennis Association.

Samir will be conducting a six week tennis program at Sacramento, CA from April 18 – May 23 co-sponsored by the PTR Foundation. Download the flyer and follow the QR code for more information and to register!

June 2024
Kids N’ Tennis

Awarded $2000 to celebrate Juneteenth with the children at Kids N’ Tennis.

March 2023
Serving Love Foundation Donation

The PTR Foundation awarded $2,500 to the Serving Love Foundation. Serving Love Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wellness of Native American communities through racquet sports. We were impressed by Pete Peterson’s passion and commitment to help the Native American community through tennis. Keep up the great work Pete!

May 2023
Ghana Tennis Club Donation

For nine years now, the  Foundation and you have continued to make an impact in Ghana. Our PTR Pro, Robert Amartey, ran a tennis clinic at Ghana Tennis Club in Adabraka in May 2023. Kids and coaches received t-shirts, balls, bags, tennis shoes, rackets, sweat shirts and PTR coaching books donated by the PTR and the PTR Foundation. Robert, we salute your kindness, commitment and passion!!

August 2023
Maui Tennis Community Donation

The PTR Foundation donated $5,000 to the Maui tennis community as a Humanitarian effort. Tennis pros at Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch, Kapalua, and Lahaina Tennis Club lost homes and facilities to work at, but thankfully they were all able to evacuate and escape the flames with their families. With this donation we are committed to helping with the rebuilding of a strong community, and we wish the best to all of the affected Maui residents.