We take care of tennis communities and the people who serve them

Global Goodwill

To enhance goodwill will also include new facility development and or re-development, as well as refurbishment and improvements at existing facilities both in the United States and Internationally with a particular focus on underrepresented and/or devastated areas.

Tennis Community Legends

PTR Foundation awarded individual grants to Black Tennis Hall of Famers, Sande French, Fredrick Rice, Eddite Nieves, Bruce Stone, Otis Smith and Bernie Chavis, for their dedicated and tireless service to their communities.
Thank you to the PTR Foundation for your monetary support of MID-TAC and the Black Tennis Hall of Fame. Our organizations work hard to make sure we can do our part. Recognition from organizations like yours confirms for us that we are making a difference.” – MID-TAC Executive board.

2023 Maui Wildfire Relief Fund

Update by Ron Romano,Exec. Director USTA Hawaii.

1. We raised about $55,000 via the Go Fund Me for Maui teaching pros. This includes the $5,000 that the PTR Foundation donated.
2. We had 7 full time and 2 part time teaching pros affected by the Maui fires.
3. We gave about $7,500 each to the 7 full time pros and about $1,500 to the 2 part time teaching pros.
4. 2 of the pros at the Kapalua Tennis Garden were out of work for about 6 to 8 weeks, but they are now back to work full time.
5. There were 4 teaching pros at the Royal Lahaina Resort. 1 left for the mainland to be with family. 2 are facing housing issues and are moving every 6 to 8 weeks. 1 is ready to go back to work.
6. The Royal Lahaina Resort has been closed since August 9 and it is still closed. The USTA Hawaii Pacific Section worked out an arrangement to reopen the 11 tennis courts and manage the facility. We are planning to reopen on January 23. When we reopen we will rehire Jean Okada who was at the Royal Lahaina Resort for about 15 years.
7. The 4 public tennis courts in Lahaina were destroyed and the coach, Mac Pasquale, is out of work. We will host the Lahaina Junior Tennis Club, at no charge, at the Royal Lahaina Resort and Mac will resume his coaching duties. Mac was one of the teaching pros who received $7,500.

When we open the 11 court facility on January 23, we will rehire 6 pro shop staff, 2 teaching pros and open the courts to the public.

The PTR Foundation donation was greatly appreciated and it has helped sustain teaching pros who were out of work temporarily or until now. The damage to Lahaina and the impact on so many families is tragic and the stories are heartbreaking.

Please extend our sincere appreciation to the PTR Foundation Board (and you) for their generous donation which has greatly helped our 9 teaching pros on Maui.