International Master Professionals gave the PTR Foundation a tremendous start in 2023 by generously and thoughtfully donating to the foundation. They are not just master professionals on court, they are also ‘master’ donors and supporters of the foundation. IMPs donated over $12,000 and they deserve a huge drum roll….. We surely couldn’t do it without your support and guidance; thank you, IMPs! We look forward to working with you on many projects and events.

The PTR Foundation is a registered 501 c 3 charity created and originally funded by Dennis Van Der Meer as the charitable arm of the PTR.  Today it is primarily supported by PTR member donations.

The rest of January was about getting ready for the symposium. We spent time procuring items for the silent auction. It was truly a team effort. The PTR staff helped us procure many items and used an app to display and bid the silent auction items. Thank you Paige and Caitlyn for all your kind support. As always, our sponsors were very responsive. Paige also helped us build Powerpoint slides for the award presentations.

The PTR Foundation was a significant contributor to the construction of Sweet Briar College tennis courts.

Our family of PTR members has helped to amplify the impact of the PTR Foundation. Your spirit to give back is instrumental in providing the foundation with the resources needed to realize its mission to make tennis available to everyone.

Your continuing support will help us escalate our ability to create more opportunities for scholarships, member support, career development, and worldwide goodwill – all of which will serve to preserve the legacy of our founder – Dennis Van Der Meer.

Together – we can truly make a world of difference in shaping the future of the game of tennis.

Scott Tharp, Chairman
PTR Foundation

2023 Donation Goal – $100,000


We have an ambition to help you, but we can’t do it alone.