Enthusiastic contributions are contagious and can inspire the people around you and the world to make a difference. Some of the US PTR members made a thoughtful donation to the PTR Foundation while renewing their membership. Together they have donated close to $1500. A BIG thank you to Helma Cap and PTR management for bringing back the functionality. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

PTR Italian members also made a thoughtful donation to the Foundation while renewing their membership. Together they have donated close to 700 Euros. We are genuinely grateful to the US and Italian members for their contributions to our mission to make tennis available to everyone.

We are all immensely grateful for the gift of tennis in our lives. Dennis Van der Meer established the Professional Tennis Registry Foundation (PTRF) in 1978 to make the gift of tennis accessible to everyone worldwide. To keep Dennis’ vision and mission alive, please consider donating to the non-profit PTRF. Your gift and Dennis’ gift to all of us will bring this remarkable sport within reach to countless people worldwide.

Dr. Jim Loehr

2023 Donation Goal – $100,000


We have an ambition to help you, but we can’t do it alone.

Dennis Van der Meer always believed and thought coaches should master appropriate communication skills – cadence, tone and volume, especially in a group lesson. A group lesson needs a commanding voice during a drill session for all, whereas a softer private voice is needed while addressing a particular individual.

This year, PTR Italy has awarded 14 Next Gen Van der Meer educational scholarships. The recipients received scholarships to attend the Next Gen PTR certification course. We want to share with you a thank you note from Alessandro, one of the Italian scholarship recipients.

My name is Alessandro and on behalf of all PTR Next Gen Coaches we would like to thank you for the scholarship and for the contribution that you gave us in order to participate at our first teachers’ clinic, the PTR course in Caramagna (Italy – June 2023). It has provided us not only with the excellent technical contents, but it also gave us the opportunity to compare our abilities with those of the other teachers and to expand our current knowledge. We hope that you will be able to continue to help us during our personal and teachers’ growth path.

Our USA Special Olympics tennis team worked incredibly hard and brought home two Gold medals and seven Bronze medals at the World Games in Berlin, June 2023. PTR International Master Pro Ron Manilla was their head coach and shared his experience with us.

The Special Olympics is the way the world should be! Nowhere in sports where you see such camaraderie, kindness and love on the tennis court. The competition is unbelievable! When a player hits a good shot there is a huge smile on their faces. When their opponent hits a good shot against them, they also have the same huge smile. It’s not unlikely a player will run over to the other end of the court to give their opponent a hug on a great point. Nowhere you will see such great sportsmanship. It was such a blessing to witness!”

June Tennis Trivia

Who had the most wins in head-to-head matches between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova?

(answer in August’s newsletter)